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Why your business needs Lucy?

Meet the needs of today’s on-the-go consumers

On one hand, you dream about getting a ton of traffic. On the other hand, higher traffic means more customer questions. And the more cases your team needs to handle simultaneously, the less efficiently they work.

Increase ROI by up to 600%

Respond to buyers instantly on their phones, show them the products that fit them best, and get them to buy—all inside of Facebook Messenger or on your website.

Recover lost sales

Up to 80% of buyers abandon carts. Get them back on the path to purchase with personalized offers and automated reminders using Lucy's cart-recovery bot.

Be there for your customers

Our omni-channel funnels interactive, immediate, and works offline, so you can always respond to customer questions, send order updates, and share offers and coupons.

How you will Improve customer experience with Lucy

for Anyone to Sell Stuff Online ... Even If You’re Not an Internet “Expert”


Adapt chatbots to your visitor’s preferences with a personalized conversational experience.


Give instant answers around the clock and gather more leads based on those positive interactions


Use AI automations so your support is more streamlined and you can spend more time on difficult issues.

Ready for a 30 Days Challenge?

This  challenge teaches you marketing automation from A-to-Z for virtually any type of product PLUS it’ll show you how to market what you create


Setup Lucy Account

Free account is available for everyone

Create Your Funnel

We will teach you step by step

Promote Using Facebook Ads

Using our TOP experts techniques

Ready To Go!

Ready to full control your sales funnel

What do you get in the package

Learn how to Integrate Lucy’s Funnels with your favorite tools (ManyChat, wordpress, shopify, etc) and connect the tools you already know and love using integrations.

Launch your first Lucy in minutes using industry-oriented templates designed by professionals. Freely customize the conversation scenario, so it's suited to your business needs.

What services do we offer?

Lucy's VIP Club - Social Media Agency

Consulting Services

Sometimes all your business needs is a guided brainstorming session every once in a while. If you feel like your marketing is stuck, Doron Benita can sit down with you and help you come up with innovative solutions to your social media marketing.

Ready to use templates

Respond to buyers instantly on their phones, show them the products that fit them best, and get them to buy—all inside of Facebook Messenger or on your website using Ready to Use Templates.

Social Media Management

We offer an array of social media management options for those companies and individuals who can’t find the time to stay up with all their social media efforts but still want to be active.

CHATBOT Management

Messenger Marketing and Chat is the future and the future is NOW. There are so many use cases, so many ways to capitalize on this must have technology. Meet customers where they are and use Messenger Marketing to give people a wow experience! We also offer personalized and customized packages to meet your needs.

Facebook Ads Management

Let our experts take care your Ads. From building your audience to setup the Ads to re-targeting and scale. Using A/B testing results oriented techniques and of course CHATBOT funnels setups and monitoring.

CHATBOT Mastery course

New 30 Days Challenge CHATBOT Mastery Makes it easy for Anyone to sell stuff online using Facebook Messenger… Even if You’re Not an Internet or Marketing “Expert”

Chat with Lucy NOW! Our Official BOT Experiment 👇

Feel free to experiment with the official Lucy's VIP club Messenger Bot.

Who stands behind Lucy?

Founder and CEO, Quality Tech Ltd.

Our values

We bring proven solutions, strong ethics, and years of expertise to the social media marketing space.

Our mission

Recognized as one of the top digital marketing agencies in 2021 and continue to enhance our approach.

Our vision

Below you will find projects that we worked on and some of our results, a sample of what we can do. delivering results for nearly any project.


Software Designer

I knew I had to create my own software product. I did and the profits have been amazing … my SaaS product has generated a whopping $168K in revenue this year.

Thanks, Doron!


Peter Packer

Car parts business owner

You will never find a better “instruction manual” to help you understand the A-to-Z’s of product creation. The information in Doron’s course is worth every penny … and then some!



Accountant Consultant

Within a week of taking this class, I was selling my very first information product online. It turned a profit too. To date, I’ve made $48,000! I can’t recommend this course highly enough.

Our Clients

Ongoing Projects

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