Five Hours Consultation

Five Hours Consultation



Let the experts guide you during your business journey. As part of the consultation, you’ll get all the needed tools to start crushing it online!

We can meet on Zoom, Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp or any other system you prefer.

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Topics we can discuss

Messenger for business

The future of marketing... If you don't have a Facebook Messenger Bot, you're already behind. 80% of businesses polled said they plan on having a messenger bot by 2020. So, are you ready to talk about a messenger bot for your business?

Facebook Advertising

Our specialist team will work closely with you to implement a pay per click advertising strategy that will identify where your most valuable customers are searching or browsing online and ensure your product and unique selling propositions are seen.


Your brand is more than a logo, a tagline, a product or a service. Your brand is a feeling, an experience, a memory and a relationship. Let’s work on it together!


It's all about Marketing and more importantly, Marketing Automation! Developing a bold, authentic strategy and delivering it consistently across all communication channels is the foundation for your success.

Shopify and WordPress Websites

Build an online business no matter what business you’re in. We can help you bring your business online by creating an eCommerce website backed by powerful tools.

Amazon Store

Are you wondering how to sell on Amazon or what Amazon FBA is all about? Let's have a talk about that!


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