Expert Bot Installation Pack

Expert Bot Installation Pack



Target And Promote Your Business To Your Ideal Audience Where They Spend Most Of Their Time

The bot gives your audience an easy way to get a promotional deal from your business. Collect Leads and Sales all inside of Messenger!

*ManyChat system can be used for FREE. PRO account subscription is not included and mandatory for PRO features.

Want a discount? Become a member by purchasing Premium Membership or Pro Membership!

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Installation Pack Features

Onboarding Meeting

Right after your purchase, we will send you a link to Calendly in order to schedule a Zoom call with you.

Greeting Text

The Greeting Text is one of the first things users see when they click “Send Message” button on your Facebook page. It’s displayed above the “Get Started” button in the chat window and is visible to all users before they start a conversation with your page.

Connect to Facebook Page

Connecting a Page is the first step to start using ManyChat. We will do for you!

Welcome Message

The Welcome Message is the first response anyone will receive from your bot if they go to your Facebook Page and click "Send Message".

Default Reply

Your Default Reply is how your bot will respond if someone types in a message that it isn't prepared for.

Keywords (up to 5)

Keywords are a great way to automate conversations inside your bot, and keep in touch with your Subscribers!

Grab Email to ManyChat CRM

We will build for you "Leads Collector" Flow in order to build your email list using Ref URL. PRO ManyChat Account is required!


We will create for you 1 Sequence with up to 5 Messages.


We will create for you up to 7 Flows with 5 Steps each.

Connect to Google Sheets

We will create for you up to the entire integration between your Bot and your Google Drive Account.


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