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Lucy’s Basic Scripts Creates 4 Ridiculously Effective Copy Using Proven High-Converting Sales Scripts:

  • Introduction Email
  • About Us Email
  • Confirmation Email
  • Case Study Email

The best copywriters in the world sell millions—and even billions—with just 1 ad. These are the true copywriting Hall of Famers…guys who are considered legends in the field. At $25,000 a pop for just one of their sales letters, these guys are way too expensive for most of us to hire. Fortunately, you don’t have to. Lucy’s Scripts uses the exact same scripts they use so you can sell insane amounts without having to hire one of them…

What exactly this plan gives you

Headline they actually READ

Just try one of the scientific headline formulas created by John Caples, the guy who wrote one of the most famous headlines of all times (“They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano But When I Started to Play!”)

six-figure sales letter that will make prospects BUY

Use the same formula as Joe Sugarman, the legendary copywriter whose copy sold 20 million pairs of Blu Blockers.

high-converting video sales letter

Why not try one designed by best-selling author and copywriter, Jim Edwards? With Lucy's Script, you'll get dozens of top-selling scripts from the best copywriters in the world including: John Caples, Gary Halbert, John Carlton, Michel Fortin, Clayton Makepeace, Ray Edwards, David Frey, Perry Belcher, Bob Stone, and more.... Meaning, you'll get sales scripts designed to: Capture your prospects' attention so copy gets read Address typical buyer objections to overcome customer resistance Convert like crazy, so you can maximize sales & profitability

Create Amazing Copy with Lucy's Script

We will contact you about the content and the style you'd like to see in the Ad. We will Design and send it to you for approval. One Revision request is available before the final approval. Delivery: Up to 5 Days.

Say Goodbye to Lost Leads

Nobody likes losing a lead. Nobody. Unfortunately, it can occur throughout any part of the sales funnel: Awareness – Interest – Evaluation – Decision – Purchase – Reevaluation – Repurchase Every step of the way, you risk losing a prospect if your copy doesn't hit the mark.

With Lucy's Script, You Get:

Sales formulas used by the best copywriters in the world & proven to SELL LIKE CRAZY. Super-persuasive sales letters that will INSPIRE YOUR CUSTOMERS TO ACTION. Convincing Facebook ads to increase your online sales and social media Likes. Unique email subject lines so your emails get opened and you MAKE THE SALE. Tons of engaging tweets that will make people want to follow your brand..


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