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Harness the power of marketing automation. Learn the secrets of chatbot platforms to maximize the use of Facebook Messenger.

The Messenger Secrets e-book holds a wealth of information and nifty tips for creating bots for online marketing, sales transactions, and customer support. It enables you to optimize your use of ManyChat, one of the most popular Messenger chatbots.

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The Secrets Behind Messenger CHATBOTS

Automate Processes

Grow your business by automating your online marketing processes. Know how to integrate SMS marketing into your Facebook Messenger account. Welcome new users and build a customer database using available information from the platform. Automatically send content, respond to messages, and book appointments.

Optimize Marketing Automation

Amplify your marketing automation strategy. Learn how to connect ManyChat with other automation tools including Zapier, MailChimp for email marketing, Shopify, and HubSpot.

Generate Leads

Discover how to reach billions of potential customers every single day using Messenger. Target your specific audience with personalized conversations. Generate high-converting leads that increase your click-through and open rates.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Engage with your customers through effective conversational marketing. Be available for them 24/7 and build relationships that boost brand loyalty. Uncover the secrets of nurturing potential customers further down into the sales funnel.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Make your customers feel valued at every step of the buyer’s journey. Provide them with simple yet personalized experiences that increase customer satisfaction. Find out how to use your Messenger Chatbot to do this.

Boost Revenue

Increase sales revenue through a chatbot platform. Craft a robust marketing strategy that includes killer funnels. Figure out specific ways to attract customers, improve their buying experience, and turn them into loyal customers. Learn how to do all these with exclusive access to the Messenger Secrets e-book. Augment the knowledge you gain by using Lucy’s online marketing consulting service. Get the most out of your marketing automation initiatives with Lucy’s tools for graphic designs, Facebooks Ads creation, and online marketing.

Custom Field & User inputs

A change to a bot filed applies for every single user. For example, if I set a bot field for holiday coupon codes and set that field to 70 coupons available when a coupon is used the total number of coupons available reduces for all users in the bot. A user field is unique to a particular user (subscriber). For example, if I asked “What’s your preference for building chatbots? ManyChat or XeroChat? The answer is going to vary a be personal to each user. In the case that the information depends upon user input or should be independent of any other user’s actions or inputs, you’d want to use a User Field.

Growth tools

Facebook Comments Growth Tool is an awesome feature that can help you bring lots of Subscribers to your bot right from your Facebook Page. You can find this widget in the “Growth Tools” tab in your ManyChat account. Click on “+ New Growth Tool: button in the upper right corner

Chatbot copywriting

What you can do is pretend like you’re having a conversation with a single person. If this is difficult, give the person you’re talking a name and pretend like you’re talking to him or her. What also helps, is to make sure you use words like “You”, “Your”, “We” (like you and me not you and your company), “Us”.

Chatbot Master

In short, when you craft your messages, you always have to think in the perspective of your subscribers and be as humanized as possible. Craft it as if you’re speaking to a friend. Now, I hope this helps you a lot to start building your first Professional Facebook Messenger Bot.


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