Pro Membership


Pro Membership Plan

Gives you access to:

  • Advanced Bot Installation Pack
  • Two hours consultation
  • Advanced Lucy’s Copywriting Pack
  • Advanced Graphic Designs Pack
  • Facebook Advertising Service – $500-$1499/month ad spend (paid to Facebook)
  • 30 Days Challenge Course Access
  • Messenger Secrets eBook
  • Membership Discount: 25% OFF Any Lucy’s Marketplace Products

What exactly this plan gives you

Advanced Bot Installation Pack

Connect to Facebook Page, Set Up Get Started Message, Welcome Message, Default Reply, Keywords (Up to 5), Greeting Text, 7 Flows with 5 Steps each, Ref Url - Growth Tool, 1 Sequence (Up to 5 Messages), Grab Email to ManyChat CRM and Connect to Google Sheets.

Two hours consultation

2-hour individual or team session, includes prior research and tailored action plan. If you are more comfortable speaking on a phone call I can definitely call you on Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Messenger or another platform.

Facebook Advertising Service

$500-$3499/month ad spend (paid to Facebook). Advanced ad targeting and advertising creation using Bid Management and Optimizations.

Advanced Ads Creatives Pack

We will contact you about the content and the style you'd like to see in the Ad. We will Design and send it to you for approval. One Revision request is available before Final the approval. Delivery: Up to 12 Days.

Advanced Ads Copywriting Pack

Facebook copy for 1 ad or post - includes Primary Text, Headline, Description and CTA link.

Advanced Email Sequence Pack

3-part email series is designed to generate sales by showing prospects you understand their frustrations. The series was inspired by the PASOP formula: Problem, Agitation, Solution, Outcome, (New) Problem.

Messenger Secrets eBook

Connect with your audience on a higher level and help them achieve their goals by giving them personalized advice.

25% OFF Any other products

Enjoy all Lucy's VIP Club products you may need with 25% OFF Lifetime discount for PRO members only.


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